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Manuel Ferrara
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All girls in porn are actually religious, did you know? Every night they get on their knees before sucking a dick, and pray. They give thanks that one man chose not to become a Hollywood leading man or a sexy European matinee idol. They thank the gods of sex, smut and slam-jobs that Manuel Ferrara loves pussy so damn much he had to put his talents to the only screen that gets regularly splooged on. Manuel Ferrara has made more girls squirt than an army handing out water pistols at an all-girls school ever could. Hundreds of lucky girls have gone temporarily cross-eyed riding Manuel’s massive man tool. He walks into a room of women and starts speaking in that French accent, and the humidity index rises from all the crotch juice accumulating in panties. The important thing is, we at Pornhub need bros like Manuel to keep stuffing the hell out of twats and buttholes, and letting babes worship cock. This man’s a hard worker with a hard job and he always proves his worth. The number of movies and scenes he’s done is into the thousands, and he shows no signs of slowing down or softening up ever. How did a little farm boy from some village in the French countryside come to Pornland, USA? Sometimes, you’ve got to follow wherever the signs point, and Manuel’s sign was raging hard and pointing at stardom. So when you want your favorite piece of ass to get a good nailing, thank that sign.
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Nato: 1975-11-01
Luogo di nascita : Gagny, France
Altezza : 6 ft (183 cm)
Peso : 187 lbs (85 kg)

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