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Carmella Bing
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When people say size does matter, they aren’t only talking about your dick inches. The ladies need that yardstick too. Carmella Bing is one such lady who really does champion the large and in charge, and we’re talking about some large-ass titties. Carmella sports a lovely pair of massive 34 Double Ds, and she knows how to put those money makers to work. When guys slip their flesh rods up between those jugs for a good tit-fucking, you know the cum is going to hit the chin. But Carmella knows how to utilize her other assets just as well. Ask her what her favorite toys are and she’ll admit it’s anything that she can ram up her butt or just sit and spin on. This mega slut likes her anal toys so much she probably has a play room just for self-butt stimulation. Though she may be retired these days from on-camera pussy and butt pounding, don’t fret. We’ve got hours of Carmella getting down and dirty in hot cock worship and rodeo flesh riding. This is one thick mama who knows how to reduce her boy toys to walking pleasure pets for her own orgasmic agenda. You could literally suffocate happily, getting smothered by her bouncy body, whether motorboating her boobs or nuzzling in her butt cheeks. This Oregon native really has come a long way since making the move to porno city. We bet a lot of guys have come a long way just to choke their turtle necks to a Carmella Bing movie.
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Nato: 1981-10-21
Luogo di nascita : Salem, Oregon, United States
Altezza : 5 ft 10 in (178 cm)
Peso : 134 lbs (61 kg)

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