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Incitamento all'orgasmo. Dirty talk e sbarrata finale

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Aggiunto: 8 mesi fa
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6 mesi fa
Seems to be a fan-favorite 😏 I think I may need to hit you ladies and gents with a part 2. Whatcha think?
3 mesi fa
Pretty Pleaseeee!! Though I love your newer material, something just keeps me c(u)Ming back to this masterpiece. Maybe the extra dominance in your voice telling me exactly what to do to please you, capturing your sexy masculine physique in black and white, your little moans when you're about to cum😈 It just gets me every time 123
6 mesi fa
Luv that you get just as much enjoyment from these as we do 💦
7 mesi fa
Make sure you lovely ladies and gents let me know what this vid and all my other vids do to ya 😏 I’m itching to make some new vids for you guys and gals but I’m stumped!
6 mesi fa
Oh hey sexy. What’s your fine ass doin’ in the comments? Vid’s up there ^ anyway, while you’re down here... wanna hear me moan your name and specifically detailed dirty talk of your choosing? Of course you do you dirty hamster. And if you’re lucky, you’ll be one of the four little fuckers who win such a video That there thingamajig is a link- to another vid of mine that tells you exactly what you need to do to win!
8 mesi fa
Lovvvvee starting my mornings with you mmm you are so fucking delicious. Love that grunt at 3:23... Wider?...anything you want...came when you came....yum. And that laugh at the end, too cute! I would be licking that cum off of you 😍😘 Thank you for another fantastic video. And shirtless too... YESSSS 😁😍😁
8 mesi fa
Anything I want... I like how that sounds 😈😘 gotta make sure I keep you coming back 😏
8 mesi fa
wow. literal work from jesus. i cummed so hard, keep up the good work 😅
7 mesi fa
Army is that you??
7 mesi fa
omg how tf did i find an army
8 mesi fa
😂 “literal work from Jesus” definitely one of the best compliments I’ve gotten on PH 😜😘