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From now on, your GF will pleasure only BBC (part 5)

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Da:  - 13 Video
Pornostar:  Mandingo
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  • Mandingo
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Produzione:  professional
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Aggiunto il: 7 mesi fa
Sponsorizzato su: 5 mesi fa
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5 mesi fa
i think the dude who created this vid is an black guy with an small penis and he just wanna show some dicks white guys can have dick s too btw the girls dont look after seize its just good for the videos bec man thinks so
1 settimana fa
I'm sooo SICK of white guys seeing these types of videos and trying to speak for us! No! You're wrong. Im white. Lol AND I WANT BBC!! FUCK WHAT YOU THOUGHT!
5 mesi fa
ok where in the video did it say anything about leaving white men for black men, I didnt watch all 29 min of it but where exactly is that?
7 mesi fa
Why so many dislike.
1 settimana fa
@antigiant R U FUCKING SERIOUS? You srsly think the only we want BBC is bc we are brainwashed? Lmao. Um, yes it does matter. Speak for yourself. Stop trying to speak for us! I want BBC and so do all my friends so.. lol
6 mesi fa
Because it is sick as fuck!!! Obviously this shit suits you fine but it is evil brainwashing for white girls telling them to cheat on or leave decent white men who take care of them just to seek black men with huge monster dicks!!! It shouldn't matter if a guy is average 4 to 5 inch or smaller 2 to 3 inch like me, if we treat our women well they should be loyal & pleasure us & not judge us!!!
6 mesi fa
This is sick! It is evil brainwashing for white girls & fetish porn for sick cuckold men (who must be secretly gay)!!! Women should be loyal to their white men who treat them well! They should never judge us for being average 4 to 5 inch or below average 2 to 3 inch like me, if we take care of them they should be happy, pleasure us & be faithful! It is no turn on for normal men when their wife falls for this shit & fucks big dicked men destroying years of marriage just for sex!!
4 mesi fa
...also BMoreHoney you talk about men cumming too fat well in reality I have read that a few minutes is the average time it takes so guys like me who cum in a couple of minutes are NORMAL but again - as with size - we get judged against porn where men pound away for ridiculously long time due to how porn is put together and due to porn stars not being normal guys. All this kind of porn is damaging, it is not my confidence that is the problem it is society which judges me inferior!
4 mesi fa
Glad you agree about cuckolds and that you state how big dicks can hurt so can be not a good thing BMoreHoney but you are still somewhat unaware of some things. Firstly, it is hard to be confident or not get down when you have a 2.8 dick and everyone gets told even average size (which is 5.2 inches not the 6-7 portrayed as average in porn) is not good enough. Everyone judges me including my ex wife who was influenced by porn like this to cheat on me.
6 mesi fa
Totally hot. You can't blame women for wanting huge black cocks. They are totally superior. White guys with 4-5 inch penises have no business with hot chicks like this. These women are the domain of hung black guys with huge black cocks
1 settimana fa
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5 mesi fa
The thing is - black guys know how to use it too! Not only are there cocks significantly bigger, they Do know how to use them better. Black guys can fuck for hours and have way more stamina than white guys. Just look at their bodies - more muscular, more tone, bigger, stronger cocks! No way white guys can compete with that!

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