This is the moment of truth. You
suffered long enough. It's time to
treat yourself to some sexual healing!

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Although we like to think of porn
as a universal remedy for any
and all problems, here are some
alternative ways to help calm the
waters during shark week:

  • Endorphins are out there

    You just have to go and get
    them. Because even if it seems
    hard to believe, sometimes you
    find more happiness in a
    30-minute walk than you do
    vegging out on the sofa
    surrounded by empty
    bags of cheese
    crackers crumbs.

  • Another way to warm things up

    Cramps are often the result of
    contracted muscles. Use a
    heating pad or a hot water
    bottle to help your muscles
    relax and reduce pain.

  • Say no to (those other) vices

    Try to silence the inner voices
    that scream for caffeine, trans
    fats, salty foods, alcohol and
    cigarettes. Not a good idea
    for your uterus.

  • Sleeping, beauty

    It's proven that during your
    period you feel more tired, and
    if you are having problems
    sleeping... well, we can
    help you with that.

  • The only tip that matters

    Pure dark chocolate (at least
    60% cocoa) contains magnesium, a
    substance that will help reduce
    cramps... blah, blah, blah...

  • Drink water my friend

    Remember what your gym coach
    said? Always. Stay. Hydrated.
    Well, when it comes to your
    period, the same rules apply.
    Try to drink 10 8oz glasses
    of water, juice or
    milk throughout
    the day.