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Hilarious porn blooper!

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Da:  Unknown
Categorie:  Divertenti +
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Added on: 6 years ago
Featured on: 6 years ago
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  • Shoehead 5 years ago
    def fake
  • monkeydust 5 years ago
    I hope this is real and not a fake.
  • hyperorgasmic 5 years ago
    Hahaha, he's either gay or forgot to take Viagra for his premature ED.
  • titionus 5 years ago
    LOL that director was talking shit to the wrong guy, i bet hes the kind of dude that just talks shit to everyone and thinks he a big time porn director. Then he met one guy that didn't take his shit and got beat down for it like a bitch.I laughed hard at this one.
  • HeatherC19 5 years ago
    I agree with crazyt.
    There's such a thing as lasting TOO long. Obviously the director cut the scene there wasnt 4 hours of nothing, was there?
    The girl was just making fun of him though.
  • crazyt16 5 years ago
    The director was right to call that idiot out. I mean what kind of guy cant cum after fucking a bitch like that. And the other guy is your stereotypical meathead jock who can’t handle getting his feelings hurt so he has to cheap shot the director.
  • ashoka22 5 years ago
    obviously wasnt 4 hours it'd be hard jerkin it in front of someone watching unless your into that lol he def knocked him out at the end that shit was real
  • DIALOGUESLIB 5 years ago
    4H is not possible, the producer would have cut the scene before.

    He deserved that thrashing, this guy made him become a good man coz u can be sure next time he'll show respect to other people !

  • ggpp 6 years ago
    im not surprised he went limp wen she gave herself facial hair.
  • prettia 6 years ago
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