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Big cum facial for teen girlfriend

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2 years ago
I love to give a guy a bj. It's best when I can finish him though. If I've already done all that work, why sit back and watch HIM jerk off at the end? I want to be the one to finish him off. I like to watch a guy cum and the best would be if he can be just inches from my mouth and shoot it in my mouth while I watch it shoot out. BUT, he has to be a 'shooter' and not a 'dribbler' to do that.
4 months ago
you should always finish what you started
9 months ago
You are a good woman, "My Opinion" there is a big difference WHEN its intended for oral and not sex in certain sessions that ALOT do pull back and want the man to finish off to shoot to the stars or in a fuckin towel! I know I have no problem performing oral to a woman until she achieves an orgasim and staying there until the end. However, for some reason their are a lot of girls who don't like to reciprocate the favor in that manner. I wish more were like you!
1 year ago
she knew to keep her eyes shut this time.
1 year ago
A load like that I all a girl needs after giving a good bj
10 months ago
i m Always to give you such a load ;-)
1 year ago
LOL i love how it had to go slow-motion and turned into a silent film for 10 seconds
1 year ago
You're right - it was slow motion ... I thought he had cut the sound track out because he was embarrassed about the sounds me made when he was cumming and I was going to flip him some shit about being okay with showing his girlfriend's face covered in cum, but being too insecure to have the world hear him cumming, BUT ... it was just slo-mo. Oops.
5 months ago
I was recording a video like this with my ex his dad caught us. Never been kicked out of a house so fast!
4 months ago
ha i have a story like

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