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Anna Foxx

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2 years ago
I really wanna fuck a black girl. One of these days...
2 years ago
They made a blacracaddic outta dis crakka!
2 years ago
Oh yeah? ;)
1 year ago
I am so sick of media always presenting white women as the model of beauty. Women of any race or ethnicity can be hot!
2 years ago
Keni Styles cock is not small. What a fucking loser. I'm built exactly like anna. Kenny knows how to use it. Another thing that bothers me is these stupid racial tendencies that come up. All black women love huge cocks. All Asian men are small. The world is changing idiots. Grow up. This scene was intense, real & hot. I've said it before & I'll say it again. I'd join the industry to fuck styles, he's a fucking hottie and he knows how to get women off.
3 months ago
Exactly! Keni is one of my favorite male pornstars with my ideal size. His size is sufficient and he knows how to use it. There are several Asian men with big cocks like 7.5 - 8.5 inches and already did porn scene with Rihanna Rhimes and Sunny Lane. A lot of idiots here simply think the bigger the better which is complete bs. I love normal size and big cocks but will still prefer a below average size cock over a huge cock anyday.
2 years ago
...I wish I was her! Damn!
2 years ago
im here eny time !!
2 years ago
You and I can def pretend together...hmu
2 years ago
i've tried..they are so fucking hot..knows how to enjoy..:-)

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