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Kim Kardashian Sex Tape with Ray J

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Pornostar:  Kim Kardashian , Ray J +
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Produzione:  professional
Aggiunto il : 3 years ago
Sponsorizzato su : 3 years ago
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  • 1 year ago
    shes just a regular hoe with outstanding promotion
    shiiit im at least 10 times better and i dont have my own show
  • 1 year ago
    I still can't believe how insanely popular she got because of THIS
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  • 1 hour ago
    Send me a message for phone sex
  • 7 hours ago
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  • Yesterday
    SOMEONE WANT TO SUCK MY COCK be sure to send me a friend request
  • 2 days ago
    I would love to see her doing porn. Certainly would have a very successful career.
    Yet I think I'm better in bed than her.
    Curious ?
    Come see me then.
  • 2 days ago
    I'm laughing
  • 1 year ago
    I don't know what to say shes hot I guess
  • 1 year ago
    Then seeing a man lick her pussy; fuck her hard; her having unprotected sex, and then asking a guy to cum on her face. All so classy. So now shes divorced twice and has had a baby out of wedlock (but then so did her sister). They are just such classy role models. Then take bikini shots of your underage sisters and post them online so old men can jack off to them. And keep spoiling them..So what if you cant drive yet- you deserve a $100,000 car. This family is all thats wrong with the US
  • 1 year ago
    Whose shooting the video...THere are all these different camera angles that make it seem hes not always taking the shots. Its hard to believe that this was not planned and not planned to be leaked...And she doth protest too much as shes gotten rich off selling the tape to Vivid and then also it made her famous and led to everything else this skanky family has done. I wonder what Kanye thinks seeing her mouth around RayJ big black cock (What is it with her and black men only? -Theres some kind
  • 1 year ago
    this is boring and the sound doesnt seem lined up with the video right
  • 1 year ago
    I'm just glad to see she is getting some dick and get to see that ass in all its glory!
  • 1 year ago
    Skype me only girls ;) joe.alen4
  • 1 year ago
    this issnt the whole sextape...2 bad!
  • 1 year ago
    damn she may be dumb but she is damn fine!
  • 1 year ago
    She's a dumbass but you can't deny she has a killer body
  • 1 year ago
    Put that big black steamy eilly inside my nose ring