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Father and daughter

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Da:  POTOP - 10 Video  9
Categorie:  Amatoriale, Reali, Adolescenti +
Pornostar:  +
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Etichette:  homemade, teenager, teens, russian
Added on: 3 years ago
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Commenti Top
  • ming13 1 year ago
    i would do my daughter if she was on the pill,

    i would love to fill her up daily.
  • xxxlouisxxx 10 months ago
    I think, when I listen when they speak, that that video comes from Russia or eastern countries .You'll never find that video with performers speak english and are , for instance Americans .I wonder why .I hope it's not about incest !!!!!!!!!
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  • 1Darling_Peter 3 weeks ago
    16:40 for a good look at her beautiful breasts. Looking at them makes me want to shoot my semen into her deep
  • dogsbody52 1 month ago
    i wish she could say yes please in english ,lol....
  • iamanatheist 1 month ago
    The daughter who is 12 years old and older would be sentenced to life without parole at very extreme hard labor 22 hours a day 7 days a week with no toilet breaks, no meals, no drinks, no breaks never. The remaining 2 hours she must wash and dry her clothes, clean her tiny cell, eat, drink and shower and sleep. Never allowed letters 2 and from anyone, no visitors, no TV, no radio, no reading materials. This same routine everyday until she died. Incest is sick.
  • iamanatheist 1 month ago
    He would never be allowed to have visitors letters to and from anyone, no TV, no radio, absolutely no entertainment of any kind. He must sleep on a bare steel slab with pointed barbs sticking out all over the slab without any sort of padding, no sheets, no pillows. He would be forced 2 sleep on his back never allowed to move nor adjust himself in any way. Any violation of these rules would result in just half an hour for sleep.The time lost will be lost to extreme hard labor.
  • iamanatheist 1 month ago
    Immediately after his punishment a red hot white glowing poker would be inserted into the cavity left from having his balls ripped out. Then salt would be shoved into the cavity. Immediately afterwards he would begin serving his sentence. 7 days a week 21 hours a day everyday for life without parole he would work at very hard labor. No breaks, nothing to drink or eat and no meals. Remaining 3 hours he would eat, drink, shower, do laundry, toilet break and sleep. Same routine until he died.
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