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Camille Crimson Gives Morning Wood Blowjob

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Da:  MadBlanket - 24 Video  1917
Pornostar:  Camille Crimson +
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Categorie:  Pompini, MILF , Pornostar, Rosse +
Added on: 3 years ago
Featured on: 3 years ago
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  • rick0818 1 year ago
    i can't believe that everytime i come back to this video i can always get off. it is very special.
  • MadBlanket 1 year ago
    Aw, that is so wonderful to hear! I'm glad you're still enjoying it and that you and your girlfriend are enjoying each other, rick0818! :)
  • rick0818 1 year ago
    when the gf's away i always go for this one. i can't beleive i don't get tired of it. she always laughs when i don't delete it from the history. i can't thank u enough, u taught her more than i could ever teach her. p.s. i always return the favor. :)
  • MadBlanket 1 year ago
    It's certainly one of my favourite ways to give a wakeup call.
  • MadBlanket 1 year ago
    That is wonderful to hear. :)
  • bi_bi_baby69 1 year ago
    I've found several; I was speaking for others. Thanks for your reply. Bi for now.
  • MadBlanket 1 year ago
    There are lots of women out there who really enjoy it. I'm sure you will find one. :)
  • bi_bi_baby69 1 year ago
    Camille, you even make a sperm breakfast a sensuous, joyous thing. You have to know that there are THOUSANDS of men out there, who have seen you, and they think, "If there is one of her, I'll find the other." You give hope to so many. God bless. Bi for now.
  • MadBlanket 1 year ago
    I'm so glad that those two pair so well for you. I like the idea of sequential blowjobs as part of this complete breakfast. :)
  • Noldi400 1 year ago
    I love the setup on this one; just a little bit of story really adds something to a short video. I sometimes watch this one followed by "Good Morning", imagining myself having a REALLY good morning!
  • jasonmark123 3 years ago
    lol me and my bro share accs he is jason and mines mark jason is such a idiot sometimes lol
  • MadBlanket 3 years ago
    Gotta have a name, right? ;)
  • jasonmark123 3 years ago
    finnaly a porn star with out the name "anonomous"
  • MadBlanket 3 years ago
    Glad to hear you've become less prone to breaking things.
  • peter01 3 years ago
    the most i have ever put into anything in one setting was my ps3 but i do think i have crushed (by throwing)
    my fair share of ps2 controllers but i was less wise back then and definately quicker to anger AND lose my temper but now with a controller costing 60 euro's
    i dont even have to think twice when i get miffed
  • MadBlanket 3 years ago
    Yes, we've definitely put a lot into our cameras. ;)
  • peter01 3 years ago
    yeah i understood that already the getting sued part but it still sucks you cant use your favorite love songs or other music thats "mainstream" because some of those songs would really fit with your videos
    i do have to complement you on the resolution of the vids themselves thatcamera must have cost you a pretty penny
  • MadBlanket 3 years ago
    It's obviously a matter of personal taste. That said, we need the music because otherwise to get any decent sound, we'd need another person in the room to operate a boom mic, and that really ruins the intimacy we have when it's just the two of us. Also, using music like Beyonce or Alicia Keys would get us sued. Using creative commons music is the only way.
  • peter01 3 years ago
    the only thing about your video's i personally would want to change is just no music
    it doesnt soothe me and please dont get mad or take offense but it sounds a lttle cheesy (but not neerly as cheesy as 70's porn music wich was outright funny)
    its all your choice anyway because your doing all the "work" and i just like different music
    stuff like alicia keys or certain beyonce songs
  • MadBlanket 3 years ago
    Glad to hear it has a certain timeless quality, peter01! ;)
  • peter01 3 years ago
    still get hard everytime i watch this it just does not get old and boring
    likea goodhorror flick bit of a weird example but
    it just soothes me to get what i expect and want
    you giving head and dumbass highschool teens getting slaughtered with a machete
  • MadBlanket 3 years ago
    I'm glad they look so good, MrJustin!
  • MrJustin 3 years ago
    I would consider myself a very, very very lucky man to receive a blowjob from you. Wow.
  • MadBlanket 3 years ago
    I just try to listen to my partner, get creative and to vary the sensations and see what works.
  • MadBlanket 3 years ago
    Aw, well, I'm sure you'll find someone wonderful some day, peter01. In the mean time, I'm glad my videos fill a void. :)
  • peter01 3 years ago
    i hate being single too
    but videos like this make this shit just a little more bareable i love your vids camille
    and you are beutifull in bed (yeah duh)
    and i love your smile
  • MadBlanket 3 years ago
    That is so wonderfully sweet of you to say, soupertramp! Also, I recently shot a very revealing video, which is up on my site. ;)
  • soupertramp 3 years ago
    I can't get enough of these videos! High quality and have merit beyond pornography; they have merit on the level of art. Kudos, and keep em comin (in more ways that one!). Also, we'd love to see more of your body.
  • MadBlanket 3 years ago
    luvstospurt - I love making him cum so hard. And I'm glad it has an effect on you too!

    Agoodguy - I'm sure you'll find someone soon! Just keep hoping!

    autolo - Awww, thank you so much!
  • autolo 3 years ago
    You simply perform the best blowjobs I've seen on here.
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