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Duke university coed Belle Knox tries porn for tuition money

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  • 11 months ago
    There is absolutely no way she is from Minnesota her accent is way off. She should at least make the lie believable.
  • 11 months ago
    She's way hot but not impressed with how smart she is. If you are vaccinated and the vaccines are so effective, then you are not at risk from those that aren't vaccinated, so where do you get off forcing people who don't want them to get them?
    • 11 months ago
      To the commenters below...Without getting into debate about your assertions, if you are vaccinated you are supposedly protected, right? So what does it matter to you if someone is not vaccinated? If you are not protected then what's the point? Why take the risk?
    • 11 months ago
      Vaccinated parents can carry the diseases and give them to their unvaccinated kids.
    • 11 months ago
      Are you serious? It is funny how outbreaks are always in areas that have low vaccination rates. These outbreaks gives the disease the ability to mutate and develop a resistance to current treatments. Where if everyone was vaccinated then the disease would be eradicated for good. Look at Polio. It was very common and killed a lot of people but because everyone was vaccinated it was wiped out and does not exist today. The benefits of vaccination heavily outweigh the small risks.
  • 11 months ago
    so hot
  • 11 months ago
    10:42-10:56 is very nice footage with tasteful erotic appeal. Other parts looked a little perfunctory.
  • 11 months ago
    8:44 for a perfect young girlie-girl pose.
  • 11 months ago
    They couldn't find a guy with a bigger cock?
    • 7 months ago
      Why the fuck do you gay dudes keep coming on this side of the website. Obviously ur homo. You watch way too much fake ass implanted Mandingo style dicks. First of all most girls would consider this guy huge. Second off bigger is not better. If your so obsessed with big dicks, them go to the gay side dumb ass fag. It's always guys who complain about it not being big enough, it's never the girls because they don't like that monster dick shit.
  • 11 months ago
    OMG she's fucking good
  • 11 months ago
    why no condom? is this scene real? kind of too risky for girls and guys to don't check things out
  • 1 year ago
    SU gave her a spanking in the dome!
  • 1 year ago
    p.s. fuck Duke....go KU!
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