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Priya Rai
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What’s the difference between Hollywood and Bollywood? Well, Bollywood is more colorful and has a lot more singing and dancing, and everyone just seems happier all the time. If Priya Rai, Indian super sexy slut star, were in more Hollywood movies, we bet everyone would be singing and dancing for joy, especially when Priya does what she does best: Gets naked, down and dirty, gobbles up her men with those luscious Indian lips, and takes her boy toys deep into her exotic and tasty fun hole. Priya is an absolute fantasy girl from across the globe. She’s the reason men risk life and limb exploring the globe, looking for new holes to conquer and plant their flagpoles. Priya isn’t just a foreign star with a sweet juicy body, because she’s adapted to our Western culture like cum on tits. East meets West like dicks meet pussies, and Priya is a unifier of the best of both worlds. She can do the subservient man-pleaser, with those massive eyes that beg to do her master’s bidding. She can do the strong demanding cougar. Can you imagine crawling on all fours as she guides you to her exotic delights between her legs, then commands you to pleasure her until your face is soaking with her juices? Don’t worry if Priya Rai has been recently talking about mainstream work, because we here at Pornhub have got loads and loads of this New Delhi delight doing what made her famous in the first place.
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Nato: 1977-12-25
Luogo di nascita : New Delhi, India
Altezza : 5 ft 3 in (160 cm)
Peso : 99 lbs (45 kg)

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