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Nyomi Banxxx
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Nyomi Banxxx is one phat piece of dark chocolate so sweet you have to run to your dentist after pulling a wank to one of her videos. She’s so damn curvy that Formula 1 drivers often take a detour off the track to ride around that luscious body. With massive tits and huge deep purple areolas, you’d be suckling at those things until you were fed for a week. If there’s one thing black porn stars will always dominate with, it’s those gorgeous black booties. Nyomi’s trunk is so full of the good junk it’s like she’s always packed for vacation. It would be one trip to Nubian ass paradise that no man, whatever color, would ever forget. She puts that rump to work so much you need to pay those dicks overtime to keep pumping. Not that Ms. Banxxx’s pussy isn’t also a garden of dark berry sweetness… a garden with lots of snakes humming at the gates to get in. Nyomi is definitely a man-eater who never gets full until she’s treated to a dessert of sweet testicle icing, preferably sprayed all over her face and tits. She’s never too hungry, however, to share some meat. That’s because Nyomi is also a sweet girl who loves inviting horny friends along for three-way and group action, and she doesn’t shy away from munching the fish taco alongside the sizzling sausages. She is one hostess with the most-ess, and there’s plenty of room at the banquet of her body for everyone to come feast their eyes on.
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Nato: 1972-10-14
Luogo di nascita : Chicago, Illinois, United States
Altezza : 5 ft 8 in (173 cm)
Peso : 134 lbs (61 kg)

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