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While most sluts from the Czech Republic are lining up to compete in sausage- munching contests and to get their Slavic slits stuffed to the utter max, we’ve got one pristine and pure sample of Bohemia’s beauties. Nella doesn’t really go for too much cock, but the way she hungrily devours poontang more than makes up for it. You’ve never seen a girl hoover up so much snatch of all shapes and sizes while seemingly never getting her fill. Nella doesn’t mind sending her roving tongue down south to get a good taste of girly butthole, either. When this girl slips out of her outfit, chicks start lining up at the door just to get a glimpse of her dirty naughty bits. It’s like her lesbian screw sections have tongue magnets buried inside, or her fuck fluids are laced with an addictive aphrodisiac. Light as a feather at under 100lbs, Nella is one hot body, with great tits that define perkiness, a thin tummy, a smooth round ass, and even angelic little feet. Nella also loves hands, especially when whole fists get inserted into her vagina, or when she eases five fingers into some other girl’s pussy. She grew up a charmed life in Prague, but a little unsure of what career path to take. After turning 20, the world of hot lesbian erotica found her, and Nella was more than pleased to submit to her orgasmic fate.
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