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Jennifer Aniston
Everyone has their favorite Friend. You might want to pick up chicks with Joey, go to a café to listen to Phoebe’s folk music, take a museum tour with Ross, or exchange witty quips with Chandler and Monica. But screw them all, because the real sex kitten lurking underneath her sitcom persona is Jennifer Aniston. Even as the whimsical and ditzy Rachel, you just wanted to run your fingers through her trendsetting hairdo while she bobs on your boner. There have always been rumors of a Jennifer Aniston sex tape, and we guarantee to be the first ones to keep you updated on what gets uncovered. In the meantime, Jennifer has had plenty of on-screen sex action in a variety of MPAA-rated roles. In “The Good Girl”, she bangs about a dozen times, and in “Horrible Bosses”, she nails the role of the kinky slut boss who’s obsessed with making men squirm by zoning in on their dicks. Imagine this copper-blonde dentist with the show-stopping cleavage leaned over your face and telling you to open wide. We bet you wish she’d stick her nipple right in your mouth. If that were the case, tons of horny jerkers would be rushing out to buy jawbreakers and chomp down on olive pits, just to sit in her dentist’s chair. So beware of anything less than the 100% real Jenny when it comes to searching for pics and vids of her primetime body.
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