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Emmanuelle London
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The Jersey Shore has acquired a reputation for producing slutty slags that are fun to lay but have nothing in the looks or charm department. Let the fair-skinned and raven-haired temptress Emmanuelle London change your mind about the quality of babes from The Shore. This Italian beaut may be just as loose as her fellow Jersey girls, but she ups the quality with her stunning physique and filthy screw skills. This girl proves that you can in fact improve on perfection, and that’s why Emmanuelle built her bust up to an extremely sexy and fun size 32D. Further cosmetic work includes a number of flirty tattoos – the best of which you only get to see when she’s naked (like the little heart above her pussy). Originally interested in softcore erotic modelling, her close friends encouraged her to try starring in porno. If only more chicks had friends like hers! Her pals were right in thinking that she’d excel at lapping up pussy and working hard cocks. When not getting plowed, either professionally or for pleasure, her hobbies include partying, beaching, shopping, and fast cars. Emmanuelle drives a white Aston Martin DBS, and she admits to have fucked in it. Talk about a dream girl!
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Nato: 1985-02-22
Altezza : 5 ft 5 in (165 cm)
Peso : 99 lbs (45 kg)

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