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Hey guys! So the winner of the Father's Day contest for one year FREE PREMIUM goes to the following users:






Congrats to the lucky winners!!


2 mesi fa

di: ARIA

Ahh prom night. Every fathers worst nightmare, and every girls dream come true. These girls are ready to get pounded hard for their first time ever. Unfortunately the dads cock block their dates. No worries though, the dads just swap daughters and show them what they were missing! Pornhub is excited to partner with DaughterSwap on this new channel and showcase a really great fathers day treat! Enjoy!

Porn for the blind

2 mesi fa

di: ARIA

Pornhub Cares has just launched a brand new category on the site called Described Video, which features videos with specially added audio descriptions. We chose from our top performing videos and added the extra audio track so that our visually impaired users could enjoy the content to its full potential. We even have special guest voice overs done by professionals and even Pornhub Aria (me).Check it out below! We started with a nice selection of female-friendly, gay, bi and transsexual picks as a part of an effort to make Pornhub more accessible to everyone. We’re really looking forward to your feedback on this project, and on how we can make our site more accessible to the differently-abled so please email us at with your comments and suggestions. In the mean time, check out one of the videos from the new category. <3

  More Accurate View Counts

We are excited to announce our new completely overhauled view count system. Video view counts now more accurately represent when a video is actually being watched. This does mean that view counts will be lower overall, but they will also be much more accurate making it easier to find the best, most viewed, videos. Historical views will be adjusted as well using the new system.

Last year we updated our rating system in a similar fashion. While it meant lower ratings on average, the ratings were much more accurate. This gives users better insight into the quality of our videos, allowing us to surface the best content.

Verified amateurs earnings will be unaffected

Verified Amateurs are paid a percentage of the ad revenue on each of their videos. Since we are not changing the way ads load, amateur earnings will be unaffected. Now earnings per view will be higher, however, less views will be recorded.

Pornhub Premium view counts will be unaffected

The way video views are tracked for Premium content is separate and will not be affected.

Thank you for all your sexy masturbation videos, It was really hard to choose!

Time to announce our masturbation Contest winners!


1st Place Female - Hitachi Vibrator, lube and $200 credit at the Pornhub Store
1st Place Male - Fleshlight, lube and $200 credit at the Pornhub Store
1st Runner Up – Surprise Sex Toy, lube, Pornhub tank and cap
2nd Runner Up - Surprise Sex Toy, Pornhub tank and thong

The 2nd Runner Up is the bootylicious Yabahype

The 1st Runner Up is EDungeon with her orgasmic pillow humping talents

Congrats to LolitasStar for winning 1st place in the Masturbation contest!

Here’s her sexy masturbation video that helped her win the crown, Subscribe to LolitasStar to see more of her videos.

Last but not least, First solo male video goes to the hot MochiKing!

Congratulations to all of our winners! Keep up the great work everyone!

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